MAY 5, 2001


On Saturday, May 5, 2001, there will be Million Marijuana Marches (MMM)

in over 100 cities in six continents. One of those marches will be in

Philadelphia. It will start at 2:30 PM in front of the Philadelphia

Federal Building at 900 Market Street (9th and Market).


It is planned that Jim and Cheryl Miller will be there and will address

the crowd. Cheryl has multiple sclerosis and uses marijuana medically.

She has used the weed in congressional offices and been arrested for

doing so.


Diane Fornbacher, the Honey Bud Weed Whacker, and Professor Julian

Heicklen also will speak. There will be an open mike for anyone else

that wishes to talk.


This is the first MMM in Philadelphia. Please join us to make it a

success. For further information contact Emily at

<>. She is looking for musicians to entertain