By Julian Heicklen

March 23, 2002

In 1997, I organized the Libertarian Party of Centre County. We ran our first five candidates for public office in the municipal election of 1999. Two of them received enough votes to gain us minor political party status in Centre County. In 2000, I was your candidate for attorney general of PA.

In 2001, I recruited 15 candidates to run for 17 offices. We won 11 elections, more than in any state except PA. In PA, we won more elections than any other county. Centre County now has the most elected Libertarians per population in the country. I am serving as tax collector and judge of elections in Patton Township. I received enough votes county-wide to retain our minor political party status.

In addition, I led demonstrations without getting permits, publicly smoke marijuana and announce what I am doing on a bullhorn without getting arrested anymore, had the municipal bullhorn ordinance declared unconstitutional, extended free speech on the Penn State campus, and forced Wal-Mart to allow political speech in front of its premises. I obtained two court orders to allow political parties to observe the unofficial election count and to get a removed candidate reinstated. I obtained another court order to force the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to release its information on hepatitis C prevalence among prison inmates. Currently I am suing the Centre County Jury Commission for using exclusionary master lists.

I would like to be Western Vice-Chair, so that I can help do for PA what I did for Centre County. I believe that we must run candidates at every level. Our state-wide candidates may not have much chance of winning, even though two of the 50 governors are independents, but they give the party credibility and visibility. They help local candidates get elected and they recruit new members.

I also feel strongly that one job of the Board of Directors is to support our local, state, and national candidates. Any Board member who will not do this should resign or be removed from the Board. A political party cannot be successful when its leadership fails to support its own candidates.

I ask you to vote for me and give yourself the opportunity of obtaining the successes achieved in Centre County.