734 Rutland Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666

August 27, 2010

Clerk of Court
U. S. District Court
U. S. Courthouse
50 Walnut Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Re: Citations H5010050, H5010030, and H5010031

Dear Sir or Madam:
    I received 3 citations on August 25, 2010, from Officer Kirsch, #265, for  Disturbances 41 CFR 102–74.390(c) H5010050, for Conformsty (whatever that is) 41 CFR 102–74.385 H5010030, and for Posting and Distributing Materials 41 CFR 102–74.415(c) H5010031 informing me that the court date set for the hearing is September 28, 2010.  \

    However my appearance is not necessary, because I reject any offer of negotiation.  I plead not guilty and demand a jury trial.  If the Court will provide the following information, we can proceed with the submittal of a brief by the prosecuting attorney.  I will need the following information from the Court (not from the U. S. Attorney’s office) in order to respond:

Court Docket Number
Name and address of the trial judge
Name, address, and telephone number of the Assistant U. S. Attorney who will be prosecuting the case.
Name, title, and address of the Court Clerk to whom I should submit correspondence.
Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all officers, transportation personnel, and hospital personnel who were involved in the confinement.
The deposition of the arresting officer.
The return of all of my property seized by the officers with the exception of one pamphlet and insert which may be used as evidence.  The officers may also take a picture of my sign which reads JURY INFO.  The items seized were:
about 40 pamphlets with inserts
Tote bag with Libertarian and FEAR markings

Any other information pertinent to this case.
Sincerely yours,

Julian Heicklen
Counsel Pro Se