Ladd Huffman has multiple sclerosis. His symptoms are bladder and bowel dysfunction, paralysis, blurred vision, tremors, spasticity, and difficulty in swallowing. Traditional treatment did not help. He was given intravenous corticatrophin and antibiotics, and was placed on an anti-allergenic diet. The treatments were ineffective, and the diet caused osteoporosis. Lioresal and spinal injections of Depo-Medrol were ineffective. He became immobilized.

Cannabis alleviated most of his symptoms. The government refused to give him legal cannabis, even though his doctor supported his request. He was prescribed Marinol, which made him very weak and intoxicated, but did not help his symptoms. He was given Baclofen, which weakened him considerably, and Inderol, which increased his bladder dysfunction. Prednisone caused fluid retention.

In desperation, Ladd grew cannabis for himself. He was arrested and is afraid that he will be incarcerated. In spite of this he continues to use cannabis to prevent further disability.