A. Freedom Resources (general)
Cato Institute
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial
U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

B. Constitutional Government
Libertarian Party
Constitution Party
Freedom Law School
Advocates for Self Government
Campaign for Liberty
Constitution Preservation
Democracy Defined
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic
American Civil Liberties Union
We The People Foundation & We The People Congress
Oath Keepers–Guardians of the Republic
Freedom to Fascism
Restore the Republic
Judicial Watch

C. Tolerance Organizations
Anti-Defamation League
        Southern Poverty Law Center
        Human rights Watch

D.  Legal rights
    Fully Informed Jury association
Paul Stramer and Lincoln County Watch
Institute for Justice
E. Prison Population
Innocence Project
Journey for Justice
Prison Planet
U. S. Prison Statistics
F. News Sources
Libertarian News
    blog of bile
Tyranny Busters
Liberty Works Radio Network  
    Libertarian News Examiner
Republic Broadcasting Network
Restore the Republic http:/
CopBlock htpp:// 
Liberty http://www.Radio
Freedomain Radio
Liberty News Radio
Democracy Defined
Free Talk Live http:/
Win Liberty