Kelly Cox is a hemophiliac. When he was nine, he was hit by a car. A broken tibia led to swelling and bleeding worsened by the hemophilia, which almost resulted in the amputation of his leg. He needed regular Factor VIII transfusions, which made him HIV positive. He was asked to leave his school. Kelly was given AZT for four years and then put on a combination of Epevir and Zerit, and recently other anti-AIDS medications. All have nausea and loss of appetite as side effects. Kelly takes Phenobarbital and Dilantin daily for seizures related to AIDS. He uses DDAVP for bleeding in his knees and ankles. It sometimes causes intense nasal congestion and skin rashes. He uses Tylenol III with codeine to sleep and relieve his arthritis pain. However it makes him constipated.

Kelly found that cannabis is far superior to help him sleep. It also stops the pain in his joints and removes the nausea. Kelly uses about an ounce of cannabis per week, but it is difficult to obtain and expensive on the black market.