Lonnie Cline has glaucoma. In 1996, his doctor's informed him that the only surgical option available to him was cosmetic. His eyes are extremely swollen, very hard, and intesely painful. For five years, he took the strong narcotic, Lortab, for his pain. It deadened the pain, but it also deadened him.

In 1995, Lonnie was in a car wreck causing a pinched neck and deformed spinal discs. Doctors proposed surgery on his lower back, but told him that any surgery on his upper back was futile. Connie declined that option, because a similar procedure performed on a friend left him worse than before. His doctors would no longer prescribe pain relievers.

Lonnie started self-medication with cannabis. The pains and swelling of his eyes diminished dramatically. His headaches stopped. He could see well enough to drive his car!

Lonnie was born with deformed feet. He cannot stand or work for more than an hour because of the pain. With cannabis the pain is gone, and Connie can stand for at least four hours. He can work and help clean the house.

Lonnie needs about six cannabis cigarettes per day. Because of the inflated illegal price, he can afford only one quarter of that amount. Thus he suffers for at least two weeks every month.