by Julian Heicklen

Gregory Wilson AS­3367 was transferred from The State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Rockview to SCI Greene County on October 15, 1997.


Mr. Wilson was placed in Administrative Custody Restricted Housing Unit (AC RHU) when transferred. He was placed in RHU because the prison claims that his papers were not transferred, though Mr. Wilson claims to have seen them shortly after his arrival. He was sitting right in front of his records when a lieutenant was looking through them asking him questions. He points out that the Correctional Officers (COs) at SCI Greene County could not know about the alleged incident where he put his hands on a guard or that Deputy Whitman had written a comment in the record without having his records. Wilson claims that other inmates that are transferred to SCI Greene County also are sent to RHU, because the prison claims that the inmate's records did not arrive.

Mr. Wilson is reviewed every 30 days by the Program Review Committee (PRC). The PRC report of November 25, 1997, says: "Heard a lot of excuses for his assaultive/threatening behavior. Claims that's not his true character. Due to his history of threatening staff he will be moved to AC status." Signed by P. Stowitsky, D. Dulle, and J D'Eletto. The report also states that the date he was placed in AC RHU was October 15, 1997, the day he arrived at SCI Greene County.

There is another PRC review of December 2, 1997. The report says: "remain AC status. Request for radio refused until 90 days AC completed." Signed by Kent Warman, Unit Manager, Capt. Sparbanik, and J. C. Hewitt DATSS.

Mr. Wilson claims that he is being kept in RHU for what went on in SCI Rockview, i. e. having the staff being investigated. Deputy White told him that he did not do enough time for the other Misconducts that he got at SCI Graterford, SCI Smithfield, and SCI Rockview.

I wrote to Commissioner of the Department of Corrections Martin Horn on November 9, 1997, asking why Mr. Wilson was kept in RHU even though he had no disciplinary time. I received a response from Deputy Commissioner Thomas A. Fulcomer dated December 19, 1997. He wrote that Mr. Wilson was first placed in AC RHU at SCI Greene, because there was a delay in the transfer of his records. At his 30-day PRC review, it was determined that he had DC time remaining from Rockview. Then he was transferred to AC status, because of his negative attitude at Graterford and Rockview. He will remain in AC status and be reviewed every 30 days by the PRC regarding his AC status.

There is no evidence from the PRC reports that Mr. Wilson had any remaining DC time after his transfer from SCI Rockview. It is interesting that one can be placed in solitary confinement because of a negative attitude, even though there is no misconduct.


Mr. Wilson claims that he was threatened on October 16, 1997, at his Program Review Committee Hearing (PRC) hearing by a Lt. Kingston, who is now a captain. Kingston said "I heard that you can't keep your hands off of my officers. Well you at the right jail now and I will myself beat the hell out of you." Lt. Kingston also said that he would call SCI Graterford and SCI Rockview to see what's up with you (because he claims that he did not get his records).

Mr. Wilson also claims that he was threatened by a male nurse on October 27, 1997. This male nurse told him that he will "give your ass the wrong medication," because Wilson told him that he gets 100 mg at 11:00 O'clock and 50 mg at night. Mr. Wilson claims that this conversation was overheard by a witness named William Haven CZ­8104 in the next cell (FB-8 cell). Wilson is in FB-7 cell in RHU.

Mr. Wilson claims that at his PRC hearing of November 13, 1997, Deputy Superintendent Gregory R. White threatened to kill him if he ever puts his hands on an officer. He said that this is not Rockview, and they do not follow the inmates' handbook. They make their own rules. On November 25, 1997, he was in PRC again when Deputy Stowitsky and Major Dulle were present. Wilson was told by both of them that he had nothing coming from SCI Greene. He has a parole hearing coming up, and they will not approve of his being released.

On December 2, 1997, at 10:30 AM, Sergeant Kareninski, COs Wright, Powell, Saunders, Crutchman, Reposky, Trumble, and Schwartz came to his cell, put handcuffs on him and ran through his cell for no reason at all. CO Wright picked up his eyeglasses and broke an arm on them. The breaking of the eyeglasses was confirmed by Johnie C. Byrd CV­4469. Then Wilson was called by all of them nigger, black ass, we hate your kind up here at Greene County.

The incident of December 2, 1997, was witnessed by Robert Robinson AM­8713 who was in cell B­3 in B-Pod in RHU. Wilson was in cell B­7. Mr. Robinson wrote that the Sergeant ordered Wilson to cuff up so that they could come into his cell and search it. Wilson cuffed up. His cell door was opened. The guards wrecked Wilson's cell, so Wilson protested about what they were doing. Robinson heard the guards call Wilson all kind of niggers and threatening his life, talking about they will kill him if he keeps running his mouth. Then Wilson asks one of the guards why he broke his eyeglasses. The guard told Wilson to shut up nigger before we break something on your body. They had their sticks with them.


Mr. Wilson cannot get anything from his property with my address on it. He cannot get his address book or his legal papers. He still did not have his legal papers and address book, as of November 7, 1997.

CO Clovis throws his mail on his cell floor. His sister and mother are not receiving his mail. He claims that he wrote to me on September 31, 1997, from SCI Rockview. However I did not receive the letter. On November 7, 1997, Mr. Wilson went to the shower. When he came back, he saw the COs going through his papers in his cell.

In my letter of November 9, 1997, to Commissioner Horn, I mentioned that Mr. Wilson could not obtain his legal papers, his address book, his correspondence, or his property. In his reply of December 19, 1997, Deputy Commissioner Fulcomer stated that Mr. Wilson is being permitted everything that is allowed an inmate that is in AC.

Telephone Call

Mr. Wilson was not allowed a telephone call when he was transferred to SCI Greene County. Inmates that are transferred get a phone call within 24 hours.

Mr. Wilson claimed that he wrote to the PRC three times about getting a phone call, but has received no answer. He wrote a Request on November 2, 1997, to Superintendent Ben Varner. He tells about the problem he is having getting his legal work and the phone call. The response was dated November 7, 1997. It said that Mr. Wilson was seen by PRC on October 16, 1997. "Nothing is indicated in your file about a phone call. Issues concerning phone calls and property contact Lt. Matzus the Z­10 RHU Lt."

Mr. Wilson sent a Request dated November 4, 1997, to Deputy Superintendent Gregory White. He complains that he is not getting help with his requests. He talked to his counselor, Mr. Turets, yesterday about the phone call. Wilson was told by PRC on 10­16­97 that he could have a call, but the officer has nothing in writing. Why is he still in RHU, and why can't he get a phone call, his property, or legal papers? The response was on November 15, 1997, stating: "Mr. Wilson, As you have recently had another 30 day PRC review, I believe that your questions have been addressed."

Mr. Wilson sent another Request on November 28, 1997, to Deputy Superintendent White. He wants to know the real reason why he is not released from AC RHU. He was approved to have phone call on October 16, 1997, but never got one. No answer was received to this request.

Mr. Wilson sent a Request dated November 28, 1997, to Deputy Superintendent P. Stowitsky asking why he cannot get a phone call. No reply was received.

A request of December 5, 1997, to Lt. Matzus was about the phone call. Lt. Matzus replied that the phone call was not PRC approved. Mr. Wilson adds that he talked with Lt. Matzus on December 5, 1997, telling him that he was approved for a call in one month, but nothing was put in writing. Then when the month is up, he is told that there is nothing in writing. There is a Request of December 7, 1997, to Captain Sparbanik again complaining about the phone call. No answer was received.

In my letter to Commissioner Horn of November 9, 1997, I had indicated that Mr. Wilson had not been allowed to place a telephone call since his transfer. In Deputy Commissioner Fulcomer's reply of December 19, 1997, he writes that "Wilson refuses to speak with anyone at SCI Greene until he talks with his attorney. Thus far he has not made a request to the PRC for permission to place any telephone calls." Mr. Wilson claims that is the first thing he requests at every PRC meeting.

Racial Abuse

Mr. Wilson claims that the guards will call you a nigger in a minute. He sent me a copy of a Request of November 19, 1997, to Superintendent Ben Varner. He claims that on November 8, 1997, at 12:40 PM, he was called nigger, black boy, black ass on the intercom by two COs. On November 11, 1997, seven officers who work on the 6 to 2 shift called him some names. On November 14, 1997, at 10:50 AM, he was called pussy, dickhead, and told that they hate niggers up in these hills. This was said on the intercom.

Mr. Wilson wrote that he was threatened on December 14, 1997, by Captain Sparbanik when he was taken to PRC. Sparbanik told Wilson to his face that he was a piece of shit and he told the CO to take this nigger out of his face. There was a witness to this conversation, Kelsey Boston CZ­3972, who was standing outside the door, which was open. Wilson says that all of this is getting to him. He requested to go back to the state hospital. They call him nigger on the intercom and how much they hate niggers in these hills. Mr. Wilson wants to file charges, but the prison administration will not call the state troopers.

Mr. Wilson sent me a copy of a Request of November 16, 1997, to Superintendent Ben Varner. On November 8, 1997, at 12:40 PM, Wilson claims that two COs were calling him nigger, black boy, black ass. Then his cell door was opened while the CO in the control bubble was telling him to come out that cell. Mr. Wilson just got up and closed his cell door. On November 11, 1997, at 12:56 PM, seven officers who work the 6­2 shift had been threatening him and came into his cell with the other CO in the control bubble on the intercom saying we are coming to get you. On November 14, 1997, at 10:50 AM, 6 officers and one sergeant all up in the control bubble asked him how was his lunch and called him pussy, dickhead, we hate niggers up in these hills. He never received an answer from Superintendent Varner.

Other Grievances and Requests

Mr. Wilson sent me forms from Lt. Nickelson saying that he has nothing to do with retrieving Wilson's property. He sent the grievance that he filed with Superintendent Varner with no response.

He sends copy of an inmate Request dated November 21, 1997, to Superintendent Ben Varner telling how he was not allowed to go the law library on November 19, 1997. No response was given to the Request.

He sent a copy of a Request of October 27, 1997, to PRC. He wants to know how long he will have to sit in RHU. No answer received.

Food Service at SCI Greene