by Julian Heicklen

Mr. Williams is in the Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) in Greene County. He says that this jail is very disrespectful to black inmates and white inmates that befriend blacks. He can't remember dates and times, but since he has been in RHU, he has seen guards harass and spit on inmates. He has seen them harass and threaten William Marion Haven CZ­8104 and Barry Everett CS­0493. Haven is now at SCI Dallas. Williams was also threatened and harassed by the same officers. Their names are: COs Reposky, Putman, Powell, Rouse, Endres, and Rhodes on the 6 AM­2 PM shift on F Block, and by COs Kadar, Clovis, Gibson, Kovalchuk, Bupka, Sgt. Oddo, and Lt. Matzus on the 2 PM-10 PM shift. Lt Matzus is in charge of the latter shift.

On December 8, 1997, Mr. Williams claims that he was threatened by COs Mega, Peer, and Bell, because Williams told them that they are not allowed to perform cell searches (inmate Handbook DC ADM 203 Sec. C.1 ¤t). But they never follow the rules. Every time an inmate goes to the shower or the yard, 2 or 3 guards will enter his cell and search. Williams reported this to the Sergeant and the Lt., who say that they will handle it. According to Mr. Williams the guards read the inmates' mail and legal papers.

Beatings at SCI Greene County