February 12, 2004

Centre Daily Times
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Hi Chip:

        A poll released by the Palestine Media Watch on October 22, 2003,
reported that 80% of Palestinians say that they should not give up the
right to return to Israel, and 59% say that they should continue armed
struggle, even if a Palestinian state is created in the West Bank, Gaza,
and East Jerusalem. 

        The world community is demanding the removal of Jews from and the
formation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.  This is
integral to its program for apartheid and eventual genocide of the Jews. 

        The world community has less concern for similar situations
elsewhere.  There is no demand for, or rarely mention of, evacuation of
ruling nationals and freeing Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands from
the United States; the Falkland Islands or Northern Ireland from the United
Kingdom; Corsica from France; Greenland from Denmark; Chechnya from Russia;
Tibet from China; Kashmir from India; the Azores from Portugal; the Inuits from Canada, or the Kurds from Iraq.  In none of these cases would the motherland be threatened, unlike the situation for Israel.

        We Jews object to being treated differently from other peoples.  We have the same right as others to live on this planet, including the West Bank and Gaza.

Julian Heicklen
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(Published in the CDT on March 2, 2004)