By Julian Heicklen

Appeared in the Centre Daily Times, September 4, 2001

Local government taxes soon will drag us all into poverty. Currently there are plans to build a new and larger Centre County Prison, an office building for the Council of Governments (COG), a new and expanded Schlow Library, a new State College municipal building, a new school in Bellefonte, a new fire training center and clean-up of the old site, and the Eastern Loop road construction project. Patton Township has placed a referendum on the November ballot to spend $2.5 million for land preservation.

Some of these projects are worthy. Others are just plain irresponsible. The new and expanded prison will be a disaster economically, legally, socially, and morally. There is no legal justification for COG in Centre County, much less for a building and salaried employees. In Patton Township there are economically challenged people who do not get adequate medical care. To tax them to preserve land is not only irresponsible. It is downright mean.

Many of the people who support these projects bleed for the poor. Yet they have no compunction about robbing them.

There is only one way to stop the tax hemorrhage. Vote Libertarian!