by Julian Heicklen

                        Published in the Centre Daily Times, State College, PA on May 2, 2002

Never before has the hatred of Jews been so extensive, and rarely has it been so virulent. Most of the Moslem world, much of Europe, and some in non-Moslem Africa want to destroy the state of Israel and kill all the Jews.

This hatred has spread to America, as evidenced by the letter of Marjorie S. Newell in the Centre Daily Times of April 23, 2002. She has sympathy for Yasser Arafat, who repeatedly has stated that his goal is to eliminate Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. She claims that the "Arab leaders in the Middle East seem willing to make their peace with Israelis and concede Israel’s right to exist." Indeed the Saudi leadership made such a proposal. The Israel government wanted to pursue it, but the other Arab countries rejected it.

The hypocrite in the White House has declared war on terrorists and the governments that harbor them­unless they are killing Jews. Then we must negotiate with them as legitimate leaders of their people.

The war on terrorism is not going to be won in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or North Korea. It is going to be won or lost in Israel. If terror succeeds there, even to a small extent, the Moslem world will see jihad as a successful strategy. American security will be imperiled, because many in the world consider America to be a legitimate target. Appeasement of evil carries a heavy price.

Palestinian terror must be crushed completely and brutally. Only then will the Moslem world understand that jihad is not a viable option, and the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians can, and should, be addressed. America’s safety requires it.

Sincerely yours,

Julian Heicklen