by Julian Heicklen

Larry Albury, a black male inmate at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Rockview, died March 19, 1997, at 10:59 PM of hepatic renal failure. He was 43 years old. He was found dead by a staff member at SCI Rockview. There was no autopsy, but there was a coroner's report.

Shaikh Muhammad BB­6231 lived in the cell next to Albury at one time. Albury continually complained that the prison would not give him a kidney operation. Most of the time he couldn't walk and would swell up. In August 1996, Albury was placed in the restricted housing unit (RHU) for arguing with the nurse about his condition. Dr. Solomon came to see Albury and transferred him to the infirmary. He returned to RHU, but after a few days was in bad shape, so they sent him back to general population. When Muhammad was in the infirmary (May 2­5, 1997), he questioned Correctional Officer Kuhns about Albury. He said Albury was on a list to get a kidney operation at home after he was released. Kuhns also stated that because of the delay in the operation, Albury's liver failed, and he died.

In January 1997, Michael Redding AY­8999, a personal friend of Albury, reports that Albury told him that he was not being treated because he was due to be released in 6 months. Albury died two months later.