by Julian Heicklen

April 1, 2000

Fellow Libertarians! Thank you for nominating me to be your candidate for Attorney General. I hope that your trust and faith will be justified. I wish to thank those of you who supported my nomination. Many of you objected to my candidacy; some of you, very vigorously. I understand your reasons, and they have merit. To both my supporters and opponents, I say now is the time to put aside our differences and unify our party behind my candidacy. Let me tell you why.

I intend to run on three issues. These are:

1. Restore the Bill of Rights.

2. End prosecutions of consensual acts involving mentally-competent adults.

3. Reform the prisons and reduce their populations.

Hepatitis C is a highly contagious disease. It leads to death in about 80% of cases. In the California state prisons, the incidence of hepatitis C among inmates is 39%. A knowledgeable inmate in the Pennsylvania prisons has informed me that the incidence of hepatitis C among inmates is 40%. Presumably the percentages are comparable in other state prisons and in federal prisons. Most of these inmates will not die in prison. They will be released to infect the rest of the population before they die.

Most of the inmates that enter prison do not have the disease. This means that those leaving prison have a much higher incidence (probably about 70%) of hepatitis C. In 1996, the number of inmates leaving state and federal prison was 232,000; about 94% were males. From 1986 to 1996, the prison population grew at an average rate of 8.4% per year. If this rate is maintained, the number of male prisoners leaving our state and federal prisoners between 1996 and 2010 will be 5,800,000; from 1996 to 2020, the number will be 18 million.

The 18 million figure does not include women. It does not include those released from county prisons or jails. About ten times as many men will be released from county prisons and jails as from state and federal prisons. The incidence of hepatitis C in the county facilities is not known, but some of these inmates must also have the disease.

Just 3-1/2 weeks ago, California passed a law that will treat 14-17 year old offenders as adult criminals. They will be sent to adult facilities where all of them will be raped several times, which is the main route of transmitting the disease. All of them will leave prison infected with hepatitis C when they will be in their sexually active years.

We have embarked on a peculiar sort of genocide. We are going to exterminate ourselves. No other political party understands this or wishes to stop it. Only the Libertarian Party advocates prison reform and a reduction in prison populations.

This is the time to stop arguing about whether civil disobedience is right or wrong. It is time to stop arguing about the right or wrong of campaigning in front of Wal-Mart. It is time to stop arguing about the political correctness of nominating a non-attorney for Attorney General. It is time to start worrying about physical survival. By supporting my candidacy for Attorney General, you will not be doing me a favor. I am 68 years old. I will die of some other cause before I die of hepatitis C. You will be doing yourself a favor. It is you who are going to be exterminated by hepatitis C, not me. I am not your best hope for survival. I am your only hope.