State College, PA

July 13­16, 2000

by Julian Heicklen


Smart on Crime & Centre County Libertarian Party

The third annual 30-hour Marijuana Smoke Out was held in State College, PA at the main gate of Penn state University from July 13Ñ16, 2000. A number of speakers addressed the crowd, which totaled about 100,000 during the four days. At any one time the demonstrators numbered between 10 and 30, and the crowd numbered between 100 and 200.

Each day Julian Heicklen and others smoked marijuana cigarettes. On three occasions, police walked right by Heicklen as he was smoking, but did nothing.

The speakers included:

  1. Steve Boone, Chair, Libertarian Party of Maryland
  2. Diane R. Fornbacher, Former Co-Organizer of Penn State protests & High Times Magazine Freedom Fighter January 1999
  3. John Galt, Jr., Independent Candidate for U. S. President, Co-Organizer of the Marijuana Smoke Outs in State College, PA, and Organizer of the Summer Solstice Hemp Happening in Erie
  4. Susan Gascon, Libertarian Party Candidate for the Pennsylvania Assembly in the 74th District
  5. Keith Halderman, Past Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland
  6. Samar Hatem, Libertarian Party Candidate for Centre County Treasurer 1999
  7. Julian Heicklen, Libertarian Party Candidate for Attorney General of PA 2000, Founder of Smart on Crime, High Times Magazine Freedom Fighter May 1998, and Organizer of the Marijuana Smoke Outs in State College, PA
  8. Justin Leto, Director of Redirect 2000 and one of the arrested State College Five
  9. Lois Kaneshiki, Western Vice-Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Member of the National Committee of the Libertarian Party, and Candidate for Blair County Commissioner 1999
  10. Charlie Miller, Original Organizer of the Marijuana Smoke Outs
  11. Tom Martin, Libertarian Party Candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District of PA 2000
  12. Morgan Mihop, Co-Director of Redirect 2000
  13. Leslie Miller, Trauma Survivor who uses Medical Marijuana, Washington, DC
  14. Carla Moquin, Libertarian Party Candidate for Centre County Commissioner 1999, Smart on Crime Award for Outstanding Contributions to Criminal Justice 1998, and Coordinator of the 1998 Marijuana Smoke Outs
  15. Joe Speers, Local Activist for Marijuana Re-Legalization in State College, PA
  16. Dan Sullivan, Past Chair, Libertarian Party of Allegheny County, PA
  17. Ron Taylor, Regular Participant in the Marijuana Smoke Outs in State College and Local Activist