JULY 11—14, 2002


The fifth annual 30-Hour Marijuana Smoke Out will take place during the Central Pennsylvania Festival

of the Arts in State College, PA from noon to 8:00 PM on July 11-13, 2002 and noon to 6:00 PM on July

14, 2002. Over 100,000 people attend this event. Anyone wishing to speak will be able to do so. No

advanced booking is necessary.


The location of the 30-Hour Marijuana Smoke Out is in State College, PA at the corner of College

Avenue and Allen Street in front of the main gate of Penn State University. To get there from

Route 322, exit at the College Avenue Exit and go toward State College on College Avenue. When

you come to the center of town, you are there. If you come on Route 26, you are on College

Avenue. However College Avenue is one way going west. If you are going east, Route 26 is

Beaver Avenue in downtown State College. When you come to Beaver and Allen Streets, you are

two blocks from the main gate of Penn State University.


For those planning to stay overnight, it will be almost impossible to get hotel reservations in

town. Act quickly. You may have to book reservations in a nearby town.


For further information about the 30–Hour Marijuana Smoke Out contact John Galt, Jr. at Station019@aol.com or Julian Heicklen at lppawest@yahoo.com