Evolutionary genomics of plants

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I am a broadly trained plant evolutionary biologist. My research uses molecular and genomic technologies combined with bioinformatics and molecular evolutionary analyses to investigate diverse questions in plant biology. The major theme of my research revolves around understanding the genetic and genomic features associated with the evolution of major life history transitions in plants, including the origin of flowering plants, the transition from haploid-dominant to diploid-dominant life cycles in land plants (with a focus on ferns), and the morphological and genetic adaptations to haustorial parasitism and the mistletoe habit in sandalwoods and their relatives. The scope of my research ranges from phylogenetics and biodiversity studies to molecular genetics, evolutionary development, population genomics, comparative genomics, and systems biology.

If you are interested in a research collaboration or would like to hear me speak about my research, please send me an email.

Joshua Der, PhD

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