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So, we're getting ready to depart!  Classes have finished as we prepared the historical, economic, and political background of Germany.  Now we need to pack and head to Germany to experience it!

Day 1!!!

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Well, we are in Fussen, the clouds are thick over the Alps and it is just wonderful to be here.  The students are overjoyed to see the snow in the mountains and so close that we could touch them. The mountains loom out our hotel windows and tomorrow will be off to the castles in the mountains.  But tonight, a walk in the lovely tiny town then call Fussen, dinner in a cozy restaurant to chase away the drizzle and clouds, and some laughter...lots and lots of laughter, because this is the chance of a lifetime, to gather around a table on cobblestone streets at twilight and eat and drink with those that have stepped into a fairytale world just to day that they did it!!!  Now, off to a beautiful evening with 11 of the most wonderful students in the world...we are....Penn State...in the Alps!!

Day 2 - Extraordinary day

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Could there have been a more perffect day to visit the castles in Fussen?  Sunny, bright, warm, stillness in the air with the exception of the ooos and ahhhhs from all of us as we viewed the breathtaking sights of the fairy tale castles.  There was a ton of walking, even more hiking, and even more laughter!  Shopping in the afternoon after retuning from the mountains and then dinner in the old town center.  An evening walk through the old town, a visit to a waterfall tucked back among the hills that are carefully monitored by the cows complete with the Bavarian cow bells, along an old Roman roadway from the year 41 AD.  Yes, an extraordinary day!  Tomorrow off to Lake Constance and Meersburg!




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