My Christian Testimony

- by John M. Cimbala
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University

In this article, I briefly discuss how I became a Christian, and why I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.

I was raised in a Christian home, believing in God and His creation. However, I was taught evolution while attending high school, and began to doubt the authority of the Bible. If evolution is true, I reasoned, the Bible cannot also be true. Eventually I rejected the entire Bible and believed that we descended from lower creatures; there was no afterlife and no purpose in life but to enjoy the short time we have on this earth. My college years at Penn State were spent as an atheist, or at best as an agnostic.

Fortunately, and by the grace of God, I began to read articles and listen to tapes about scientific evidences for creation. Over a period of a couple years, it became apparent to me that the theory of evolution has no legitimate factual evidence, and that scientific data from the fossil record, geology, etc. could be better explained by a recent creation, followed by a global flood. Suddenly I realized that the Bible might actually be true! It wasn't until I could believe the first page of the Bible that I could believe the rest of it. Once I accepted the fact that there is a creator God, it was an easy step for me to accept His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ as well. I became a follower of Christ during my first year of graduate school at Caltech.

Since then, I have devoted much time to studying the evidences for creation and a global flood. The more I study, the more convinced I become that there is a loving God who created this universe and all living things. God revealed some details about His creation in the book of Genesis, which I now believe literally - six days, a young earth, and a global flood. I speak often at churches and campus ministries about the evidences for creation.

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