Defense of Creationism

- by John M. Cimbala
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
Written 10/03/2001.
Was sent to The Daily Collegian, and was published a few days later.

I would like respond to the letter by Mr. Andrew Schulz regarding our defense of creationism. NO creationist believes that God created the world "complete with fossils (to appear older)." Instead, the worldwide flood of Noah's time generated the geological column, including the fossils. The fossil record is overwhelmingly in favor of creation and a global flood, not evolution.

I challenge anyone to refute the following proof of the existence of God: Consider the entire universe as one big closed system: Available energy is continually turning into unavailable energy (the second law of thermodynamics). Where did the available energy come from? As one extrapolates backwards in time, there had to be a beginning point in which available energy somehow appeared out of nowhere. Someone not bound by the second law of thermodynamics had to create this available energy; that someone is God.

Mr. Schulz is correct that creationism cannot be tested or repeated, and therefore does not qualify as true science. What he fails to realize is that the same can be said about evolution. Did life appear by chance, or was life created by God? No scientist can devise an experiment to answer this question, since it happened in the past and cannot be repeated. The fact is that neither creation nor evolution qualify as scientific.

Finally, Mr. Schulz, since you are so interested in this topic, please stop by my office - I will gladly give you a free copy of our book.