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Creation vs. Evolution: Some Thoughts from a Literal Creationist

Title of Talk Creation vs. Evolution: Some Thoughts from a Literal Creationist
Speaker's Name Cimbala, John M.
Position Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Address 234 Reber Bldg.
Phone (814) 863-2739
Approximate Length of Talk one hour
Required Audio/Visual Equipment Microphone required for audience larger than about 40 people. Note: A wireless lapel microphone is preferred.

Brief Description of Talk:

The theory of evolution is so widely accepted by scientists that it is often taught as fact. Evolutionary philosophy dominates our museums, TV nature programs, newspapers and magazines - even children's literature. So wide is its influence that many Bible believing Christians have merged evolutionary ideas into the Word of God! But has evolution ever been proven? Is evolution compatible with the Bible? Has science proven that the Bible is unreliable? Are we to interpret God's creative activities, as recorded in the Book of Genesis, literally? Or did God use evolution as his tool for creation (theistic evolution)?

In this seminar, all of these questions will be examined. It will be shown conclusively that the theory of evolution and the book of Genesis (as well as the rest of the Bible) are entirely incompatible. In fact, all attempts to harmonize scripture with evolutionary philosophy (such as the day-age theory, the gap theory, etc.) have failed, because all such attempts are futile; there is no middle ground! The key to understanding the creation/evolution controversy is found in the Biblical account of Noah's flood. The worldwide flood provides an alternate interpretation of the fossil record, geological features on the earth, extinction of the dinosaurs, etc.

Scientific evidence related to the creation/evolution controversy will also be presented. Topics will include probability, genetics, evidences of design, the laws of thermodynamics, and the fossil record. It will be shown that the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the Biblical creation/flood model of earth's history, rather than the atheistic evolutionary model. Evolution is not only impossible, but there is no evidence that it happened! By the end of the seminar, Christians will have a much clearer understanding of Genesis, the foundational book of the Bible, and their faith will be strengthened. Non-Christians will learn that evolution is not a proven fact, and that creation is a viable alternative that they need to consider.

Outline of Talk