John J Meier
Science Librarian
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library

For my recent work, check out my blog Science Librarian at Penn State.

Library Course Guides

IST440W - Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem Solving

SRA211 - Security & Risk Analysis

PSU017 - First Year Seminar

My responsibilities are:
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary science and engineering instruction
    • core courses in technical writing
    • integration of information literacy throughout the sciences
    • development of instructional materials and Web-based resources
  • Develop instruction and reference outreach services to various interdisciplinary institutes and laboratories
  • Participate in marketing and other outreach activities
  • investigate and evaluate methods of delivering library information and services
    • digital reference
    • web site design
    • content management
    • user testing
    • content development
  • Participate in reference, collections management, circulation, staff training
  • Responsible for collection development and analysis in Math and Statistics

My Curriculum Vitae