J. Cristobal Vera

I'm a recently graduated biology Ph.D. from Penn State University. During the course of my research at PSU, I had the privilege of working under Dr. Jim Marden to investigate interesting genetic variation in the butterfly Melitaea cinxia, which exists in a metapopulation off the coast of Finland, as well as several other species of flying insect.
Generally, my interests fall under the broad biological categories of molecular genetics and bioinformatics. More specifically, I'm interested in genes related to organismal variation and the mechanisms that propagate this variation through evolutionary time. One of my favorite mechanisms is alternative splicing, the process by which a single gene can be transcribed into multiple mRNA. An interesting personal feature is that my educational background is in both genetics and philosophy, and although I've decided to pursue the research side of my scholarly interests, I still enjoy reading various philosophical works related to biology, evolution, and the mind (such as the books by David Chalmers and Daniel Dennett. I find these philosophical works to be both inspiring to my work personally and an important synthesis of general contemporary scientific thought.

Personal Statement
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