Welcome to my Home Page

J. Cristobal Vera
>10-09-08: I've added some of my simpler and most commonly used perl scripts to the Software page. More coming soon.
>I've added our M. cinxia transcriptome project to the projects page. There you can find our publication, the popular news and views article on our work, and more.
>10-30-08: I've added two more scripts to the software page, SmartScreener and QualMod. I've also added a sequence page to the website, accessible through the projects page and here.
>5-21-09: Added several scripts.
>10-09-09: Added two more scripts for creating and searching MySQL databases..
>12-09-10: PipeMeta v0.43 available.
Website Visits:
>03-13-10: Added the PipeMeta executable package to the software page.
>06-09-11: SNPHunter 2.2 and AceParser 1.32 are available.
>08-22-11: PipeMeta v0.44 available.