Executable Fortran Statements




Assignment Fortran Assignment Statements to set variable values
Allocate Statement which provides dynamic storage for allocatable arraysExample 1, 2
Assign Assigns a statement label to an integer variable (OBSOLETE)
Backspace Positions an external file before the preceding record if it is connected for sequential access Example 1 2
Call Calls a subroutine to be executed Example 1, 2
CloseCloses an external file Example 1, 2
ContinueProcede to execute next program statement. (could involve return to top of DO loop) Example 1, 2
CycleTerminates the execution cycle fo a DO or DO WHILE construct Example 1
Deallocate Dynamically deallocates allocatable arrays and pointers Example 1
DoControls the execution of the statements that follow it, up to and including a specified terminal statement. The beginning of a DO construct. Example 1, 2
Do WhilePerforms specified operations following the do while statement until a logical expression is satisfied. Forms the beginning of a DO WHILE construct. Example 1, 2
Else The first statement of an ELSE block within an IF construct Example 1, 2
Else If The first statement of an ELSE IF block within an IF construct Example 1, 2
ElsewhereThe first statement of the ELSEWHERE block within a WHERE construct Example 1
End(construct) END DO, END IF, END WHERE, etc. Terminate constructs. Example 1, 2
EndfileWrites the endfile record as the next record of an external file connected for sequential access. Example 1, 2
ExitTerminates the execution of a Do construct or a Do While construct before it completes all iterations. Example 1
Go To (Assigned)Transfers the program control to an executable statement whose statement label is designated in an ASSIGN statement (OBSOLETE)
Go To (Computed)Transfers the program control to one of several executable statements (OBSOLETE)
Go To (Unconditional)Transfers program control to a specified executable statement Example 1, 2
If (Arithmatic)Transfers program control to one of three statement labels (OBSOLETE) Example 1
If (Block)The first statement in an IF construct Example 1, 2, 3
If (Logical)Evaluates a logical expression and, if true, executes a single additional statement Example 1, 2
InquireObtains information about the properties of a named file or of the connection to a particular unit Example 1, 2
NullifyCauses pointers to become disassociated Example 1
OpenConnects an existing external file to a unit or creates an external file. Example 1, 2
PauseTemporarily suspends the execution of a program and prints the keyword PAUSE and, if specified, a character constant or digit string Example 1
Print Print specified information to screen Example 1, 2
ReadObtain values for variables from the terminal or a data file Example 1, 2
Return Return to the execution of the statemtent following the CALL of a subroutine or reference to a function Example 1, 2
Rewind Positions an external file at the beginning of the first record of the file Example 1, 2
Select Case The first statement of a CASE construct Example 1, 2
Stop Stops execution of the program Example 1, 2
WhereProvides a mask capability to a set of Fortran 90 array assignment statements Example 1
WriteOutput information to terminal or a data file Example 1, 2

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