This material started as an simple attempt to post lecture outlines for a Fortran section of Programming for Engineers at Penn State. It has slowly grown out of control, containing fairly detailed descriptions of the lecture topics, and more examples than I had intended. The reason for this detail is a recognition that students will forget most of this material by the time it must be applied to homework assignments in later classes. My goal for next year is to enhance this material with a hypertext index to the contents, and more hypertext links between text and programming examples. I also hope to add a concise dictionary of Fortran statements, attributes, and structures, and to expand the base of examples as needed. Hopefully this combination will give students online help to cut the time needed relearning Fortran, and leave more time to learn the basics of their discipline (or maybe even have a little bit of a life on the side).

At this stage, most of the lectures have been pounded into the computer the night before class (or on bad weeks, the night after). Any help detecting typographic errors or wanderings induced by sleep deprivation will be gratefully acknowledged, as will suggestions for clearer examples.

There is a high probability that these notes will move to a different Web server by the fall of 96. However, it is not likely that my personal home page ( will move. Look for this material through a reference on my home page.

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