Function Type

Tiny is an inquiry function that works on REAL arguments only.

Function Purpose

Tiny will give you the smallest possible number that the system you are working on can represent with the any REAL argument.

Required Arguments


The argument x must be of type REAL. The argument can have any sized bit representation for REAL numbers that is allowable or your system.

Optional Arguments

There are no optional arguments.


If you were curious to find out the smallest number that could be represented on your computer ( be default, real numbers have a 32-bit representation, unless you specify otherwise ) all you would have to do is type this piece of code:
		small = tiny(x)
Take note that both small and tiny had have been declared as real earlier. The value stored in small for our computer is 1.17549435e-38.

For Additional Examples and Information see

lecture seven

examples: ranges.f

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