Function Type:

Huge will function on INTEGER, and REAL variables.

Function Purpose:

This function will return the largest number that can be represented by a variable (scalar or array) of the same type as x.

Required Arguments:

huge (x)

Where x is either an INTEGER or REAL variable.

Note: The function must return its output to a scalar variable with the same type as x.


For the following example:
		integer, number,lmax
		lmax = huge(number)
The value of lmax will be equal to 2,147,483,647. This is the biggest integer value that the computer can store as an integer if you were using a 32-bit representation. The value of the variable number has absolutely no effect on the value that is returned. The only thing that matters is the type and kind of variable in the argument.

For more information and examples see:

lecture seven

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