Homework 8, Simple Data Processing (14 points)

The program proptest.f is designed to read in arrays of temperature and pressure data, and output the average, minimum and maximum values for temperature and for pressure. It needs a little work before it will function. Add the following programming:

  1. In the subroutine input add an appropriate line to find out if the data file exists
  2. Also in subroutine input, add a line or two to allocate the space for the temperature and pressure arrays
  3. Add the necessary subroutine named "stats" to obtain average, minimum and maximum values.
To execute, this program will need the data file props.data

This homework will be graded as follows:

Leave your modified version of proptest.f (don't change the file name) in your "homework" subdirectory. We will pick it up after the due date and test it.

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