Homework 11, Interpolation (15 points)

The program dviscf.f is a driver for a subroutine providing the viscosity of Freon 11. The file visc.tab contains a table of data with temperatures (Kelvin) in column 1 and viscosity in column 2. Convert these data values to the contents of temperature and viscosity arrays initialized in DATA statements. Based on the position of the argument "t" in the temperature data table, select the appropriate pair of viscosity values and interpolate between them to obtain the returned value of "viscf".

Bonus: If you had problems with Homework 5, or didn't turn it in you can ask your TA to grade your creation of the Function viscf to replace the old grade. If you had problems with Homework 6, you can recover the points through correct implementation the basic IF, THEN structures in the homework and the addition of logic to start the search for the data pairs based on the data pairs used for interpolation in the previous call to "viscf" (see linint3.f )

Leave your modified version of dviscf.f (don't change the file name) in your "homework" subdirectory. We will pick it up after the due date and test it.

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