ME 540

Numerical Solutions Applied To Heat Transfer And Fluid Mechanics Problems

Iterative Solution of Linear Equations, Basics

Notes for this week's classes are available as Word documents.  Look at my introductory remarks before continuing to the remainder of the notes.  This week we will be covering the most basic iterative methods.  These have been covered in more books than I can count, so you can get more material on the subject from the library.  As a minimum, you should read the general information provided in the Templates document.  Start with their overview of iterative methods.  This week we will be discussing "Stationary" iterative methods.  In particular we will cover the Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, and Successive Overrelaxation  (SOR) methods.  If nothing else, your goal this week should be to learn enough so that the material in the relevant sections of the Templates document make sense.

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