ME 523

Numerical Solutions Applied To Heat Transfer And Fluid Mechanics Problems

Computational Modeling of Multi-Phase Flow.

. Since we are closing the semester with various special topics, I want to cover one close to my heart.  Single phase CFD is considered a mature field, although people will continue to argue about turbulence models for decades, and computers will permit increasing detail in nodalization of applications.  Multi-phase CFD or Computational Multi-phase Fluid Dynamics (CMFD) is still in its infancy.  People can do a reasonable job modeling highly dispersed bubbly or droplet flow, but covering a full range of flow regimes is still a major challenge.  Even for dispersed flows more data is needed on turbulence, and much more work required developing turbulence models.  If CFD interests you, you will find interesting problems in CMFD for the rest of your professional career.

If you are wandering into the area of multi-phase flow, you need to know some jargon.
The first thing that you need to know about computational modeling of multi-phase flow is that numerical methods which function for single phase flow may not function well or at all for multi-phase flows.  First order upwind methods are still the primary approach in my world, and not because people haven't tried higher order approaches.

Other considerations are:

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