A Solution to Homework 5

Here is my solution to Homework 5.  In addition to.the required methods it contains an ADI approach (we'll cover that later) and the use of a residual minimization to scale the change in answer that I mentioned in  class. 

Files are:

main.f90 - the main program driving the calculation

DataM.f90 - Module containing most variables, and setting initial conditions for the problem

IntrTypeM.f90 - Sets precision level and number of digits in integers

ItSolveM.f90 - Module containing subroutines implementing the iterative solution methods

-Module containing Linear Algebra subroutines (Direct equation solvers)

OutputM.f90 - Module containing subroutines for output of results

SetEqn2M.f90 - Subroutines to set the matrix and right hand side for the system of finite volume Cartesian conduction equations