A Solution to Homework 3

Here is my solution to Homework 3.  Selection of multiple nodalizations is done in DataM.f90 through use of the variables numMeshTried and nCells.  Temperatures needed for the homwork are stored for later use by subroutine SaveTemperatures.  Final Richardson analysis is done by subroutine SpatialRichardson.

Files are:

main.f90 - the main program driving the calculation, plus a subroutine driving and timing the direct solution

DataM.f90 - Module containing most variables, and setting initial conditions for the problem

IntrTypeM.f90 - Sets precision level and number of digits in integers

LinAlgM.f90 -Module containing Linear Algebra subroutines (Direct equation solvers)

OutputM.f90 - Module containing subroutines for output of results

SetEqn2M.f90 - Subroutines to set the matrix and right hand side for the system of finite volume Cartesian conduction equations.  Does second order surface flux terms.