NucE 470 Class Lecture Notes

This class was completely restructured last year.  The schedule has been provided to give you a rough idea of class content.  However,  many details of the linked lecture material will change as the lecture approaches, and date changes may be necessary if I have to travel.  

Lecture: Topic:
9/6 Introduction to the Class
9/6 First Exercise of our Modeling Tools
9/8 More Experience with SNAP
9/11 The Basics of Two-Phase Flow



Void Fraction Estimates 
9/11 The Basic Model Equations
9/13 Intro. to Finite Volume and Finite Difference Methods

Some Standard Difference Equations 
9/15 Conservative Finite Volume Equations
Error Analysis for Difference Equations

Mathematica Command Summary 

Sample Mathematica Commands

Mathematica Commands for Implicit Mass Equation Error

Mathematica Commands for Numerical Diffusion Analysis
9/20-22 Heated Flow Exercise
9/25-27 Verification and Validation
Work on Richardson Error Analysis
10/2 Solving the Difference Equations

Simple Newton's Method 

Newton's Method for More than One Equation 
10/4 Modeling Pumps
Study Day - No Class
10/9 The TEE and its Relatives, Momentum Conservation
10/11 Review for Exam
10/13 Exam
10/16 Control Theory in One Hour
10/18 Building Control Systems
10/20-23 Active Control of Pumped Flow
10/25 Water Levels, and Level Tracking
10/27 Heat Transfer
10/30 Core Heat Conduction Calculation
A Simple Heat Transfer Experiment
11/3 Heat Conduction Limited Boiling Model
11/3 A Simple Core Model with TRACE
11/6 Subcooled Boiling and More on Heat Conduction
Steam Generators
11/10 Modeling a Turbine
11/13 Parameter Selection with the Secant Method
Introduction to Requirements for the Final Project
Work Period to start project
11/20 Reveiw for Exam
11/22 Exam 2
Return Exams, Project Discussions
11/27 Laboratory Help on Project
11/29 Laboratory Help on Project
12/1 Laboratory Help on Project
Laboratory Help on Project
12/6 Laboratory Help on Project
12/8 Laboratory Help on Project
12/11 Laboratory Help on Project
12/13 Laboratory Help on Project
12/15 Semester Summary and Laboratory Help on Project

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