NucE 470 Class Lecture Notes

Lecture: Topic:
8/27 Introduction to the Class
8/27-29 First Exercise of our Modeling Tools
8/27-29 More Experience with SNAP
9/5 The Basics of Two-Phase Flow



Void Fraction Estimates 
9/5 The Basic Model Equations
9/7 Intro. to Finite Volume and Finite Difference Methods

Some Standard Difference Equations 
9/7 Conservative Finite Volume Equations
9/10-12 Verification and Validation
Work on Richardson Error Analysis
Error Analysis for Difference Equations

Mathematica Command Summary 

Sample Mathematica Commands

Mathematica Commands for Implicit Mass Equation Error

Mathematica Commands for Numerical Diffusion Analysis
9/19-21 Heated Flow Exercise
9-24 Solving the Difference Equations

Simple Newton's Method 

Newton's Method for More than One Equation 
9-26 Modeling Pumps
9-28 The TEE and its Relatives, Momentum Conservation
10/1 Review for Exam
10/3 Exam (Room 4 HH Dev-E)
10/5 Control Theory in One Hour
10/8 Building Control Systems
10/10-12 Active Control of Pumped Flow
10/15 Water Levels, and Level Tracking
10/17 Heat Transfer
10/19 A Simple Heat Transfer Experiment
10/22 Core Heat Conduction Calculation
11/24 Heat Conduction Limited Boiling Model
10/26 A Simple Core Model with TRACE
10/29 Subcooled Boiling and More on Heat Conduction
Steam Generators
11/2 Modeling a Turbine
11/5 Parameter Selection with the Secant Method
Introduction to Requirements for the Final Project
11/7 Reveiw for Exam
11/9 Exam 2
Return Exams, Project Discussions
Laboratory work on Steam Generator
11/16 Safety Systems
Laboratory Help on Project
12/14 Semester Summary and Laboratory Help on Project

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