AEC -- Atomic Energy Commission

AIChE -- American Institute of Chemical Engineers

ANL -- Argonne National Laboratory

ANS -- American Nuclear Society

AP600 -- Westinghouse's Advanced Passive design for a 600 Mw power plant

ASHRAE -- American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

ASME -- American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ATWS -- Anticipated transient without scram

B&W -- Babcock & Wilcox

BNL -- Brookhaven National Laboratory

BWR -- Boiling water reactor

C-E -- Combustion Engineering

CCFL -- Countercurrent flow limitation

CCTF -- Cylindrical Core Test Facility, a PWR experiment facility in Japan

CHF -- Critical heat flux

COBRA-TF -- Coolant boiling in rod arrays, the two-fluid version

ECC -- Emergency core cooling or coolant

ECCS -- Emergency-core-cooling system

EIES -- Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station

EPRI -- Electric Power Research Institute

FLECHT -- Full-Length Emergency Cooling Heat Transfer, a series of PWR experiments performed by Westinghouse

FSAR -- Final Safety Analysis Report

GE -- General Electric

HTC -- Heat-transfer coefficient

HTFS -- Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Service

INEL -- Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

LANL -- Los Alamos National Laboratory

LBLOCA -- Large-break loss-of-coolant accident

LMFBR -- Liquid-metal fast-breeder reactor

LOC -- Loss of coolant

LOCA -- Loss-of-coolant accident

LOCE -- Loss-of-coolant experiment

LOFT -- Loss-of-Fluid Test, a PWR experiment facility at INEL (now closed)

LU -- Lehigh University

LWR -- Light-water reactor

NPP -- Nuclear power plant

NRC -- US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRR -- Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (part of NRC)

NSAC -- Nuclear Safety Analysis Center

NTIS -- National Technical Information Service

ORNL -- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PBF -- Power Burst Facility, a PWR fuel experiment at INEL

PNL -- Pacific Northwest Laboratory

PWR -- Pressurized water reactor

QA -- Quality assurance

RELAP5 -- Reactor Leak and Power Safety Excursion code, the fifth major version of the code

RHS -- Right-hand-side (of an equation)

RMS -- Root-mean-square averaging process

ROSA -- Rig of Safety Assessment, a series of LWR experiment facilities in Japan (currently modified to model AP600)

SBLOCA -- Small-break loss-of-coolant accident

SBWR -- General Electric's proposed passive Simplified BWR

SCTF -- Slab Core Test Facility, a PWR experiment facility in Japan

SETS -- Stability-enhancing two-step numerical technique

SI -- International system of units (metric)

THTF -- Thermal Hydraulic Test Facility, a PWR experiment at ORNL

TRAC -- Transient Reactor Analysis Code

UCSP -- Upper core-support plate

UPTF -- Upper Plenum Test Facility, a PWR experiment facility in Germany

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