Dr. Hochreiter's PWR

. Fuel Data

  1. The PWR fuel assembly has an assembly pitch of 8.466- inches with 264 fuel rods of diameter 0.374-inches and 25 guide tubes with a diameter 0 474-inches and a pitch of 0.496-inches.
  2. The total length of the fuel rods is 13-feet.
  3. The fuel top and bottom nozzles are each 6-inches high such that the overall length of the full fuel assembly is 13.5 feet.
  4. There are 8 spacer grids which are equally spaced along the rod bundle portion of the assembly with a grid at the top and bottom of the rodded portion. The top and bottom grids are simple grids which have a blockage ratio of 23% of the bundle flow area whereas the six grids in the center region are mixing vane grids which have a blockage of 45% of the bundle flow area.
  5. The inlet fuel nozzle has a loss coefficient of 2.5 and the exit fuel assembly nozzle has a loss coefficient of 2 . Each have a flow area which is equal to 50% of the open area as characterized by the assembly pitch.

Vessel Data:

  1. The core flow area is 52 square feet
  2. The horizontal flow area in the upper plenum is 100 square feet
  3. There are 124, 5-inch diameter guide tubes and support columns in the upper plenum which are uniformly distributed
  4. The vertical distance from the upper core plate to the upper support plate is 8-feet
  5. The distance from the upper core plate to the centerline of the hot leg nozzles is 4-feet
  6. The hot leg inside diameter is 29.5-inches and the cold leg inside diameter is 27-inches
  7. The hot leg and cold leg nozzles are either converging or diverging nozzles with a 1.4 area ratio (hot legs converge, cold legs diverge)
  8. There are 68, 3-inch diameter vertical columns from the bottom of the lower plenum to the bottom of the lower core plate which are uniformly distributed
  9. The lower core support plate is located 2-feet below the lower core plate and is 24-inches thick and has a flow area consisting of 80 holes which are 1-foot in diameter and are uniformly distributed.
  10. The total open area below the lower core support plate is 124.36 square feet excluding the blockage of the vertical support columns.
  11. The downcomer gap is 11-inches
  12. The distance from the cold leg nozzle centerline to the vessel inside bottom is 28-feet.
  13. The hot legs and cold leg centerline are the same
Plant Loop and Component Data:
  1. The steam generator has 3388 tubes each with an ID of 0.775-inches and the average tube length is 70 feet long.
  2. The cold leg is 27-inches in diameter
  3. The hot leg and cross over leg are 29.5-inches in diameter,
  4. The cold leg is 10 diameters long and has 1, 45o elbow
  5. The hot leg is 10 diameters long and has 1, 45o elbow
  6. The cross over leg is 20 diameters long and has 3, 900 elbows.
  7. There are contraction and expansion losses at the steam generator inlet and exit, assume that the steam generator plenum area is 3 times the tube bundle area.
  8. All elbows are short radii.
  9. For 45 degree elbows, L/De = 15 (or use other data)
  10. For 90 degree elbows, L/De = 35 (or use other data)