Exam 1 Review

Lecture: Topic:
8/27 Introduction to the Class
8/27-29 First Exercise of our Modeling Tools
8/27-29 More Experience with SNAP
9/5 The Basics of Two-Phase Flow



Void Fraction Estimates 
9/5 The Basic Model Equations
9/7 Intro. to Finite Volume and Finite Difference Methods

Some Standard Difference Equations 
9/7 Conservative Finite Volume Equations
9/10-12 Verification and Validation
Work on Richardson Error Analysis
Error Analysis for Difference Equations
9/19-21 Heated Flow Exercise
9-24 Solving the Difference Equations

Simple Newton's Method 

Newton's Method for More than One Equation 
9-26 Modeling Pumps
9-28 The TEE and its Relatives, Momentum Conservation



First Exercises

Basics of Two Phase Flow

The Base Model Equations

Finite Volume Equations

Verification and Validation

Taylor Series Truncation Error analysis

Heated Flow

Equation Solution


Tee Momentum sources and Momentum Conservation

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