The Heat Conduction Limited Model for Boiling

Assignment :

Finish Homework 9

Last week we talked about the boiling curve. This week we need to talk about how the code actually handles the process of boiling (and condensation for that matter). It is founded on the idea that you must look at the interface between liquid and vapor to model the process. All reactor modern safety codes assume a quasi-equilibrium exists at the interface, and a steady state energy equation requires that the product of the mass flux (kg/m**2/sec) and latent heat of vaporization (J/kg) across the interface is equal to the total heat flux (watts/m**2) delivered to the surface by conduction, radiation, and turbulent convection.

We need a few equations to clarify this model, so its off to a PDF file for more information.

Next week we will come back to this model for some refinements, so review your notes over the weekend.

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