Building Control Systems

Assignment :

Read Chapt 3 in the TRACE User's Guide.  Scan Sections 6.4.5, 6.4.6, 6.4.8, and 6.4.9 to get a feel for the range of capabilities. 

The ability to use control blocks separates the amateur from the master analyst. This class forms a basis for the active control that you will introduce into later system models for homework and your final project.

Now prepare for an in-class exercise by making a folder for your results, and downloading this TRACE input file to that folder.  Import the file into the SNAP Model Editor, then in the Component Navigator window right click "Control Systems" and select "Create View".  Examine the signal variables and control blocks, and tell me what control block 600 represents.  Next find a simpler way to get the same result. 

A cleaner version of this input deck is the basis for Homework  7.  Use the remainder of your time in the computer lab to work on Homework 7.

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