Assignment :

Finish Homework 6 and start preparation for the exam next week.

Tee junctions are a real part of Reactor piping systems, and incorrect models for momentum transport at the junction can adversely affect results. You need to think about momentum conservation at a Tee junction and be prepared to run test problems on whatever system code you are using. If symmetry is important at a TEE, be sure to run some symmetry test problems. When cold water is being injected into voided pipes, look carefully at the velocity and pressure distributions near the tee junction to see if they make sense, and look at the air-water tee test problem.

In class we will look at the  teesym0.inp problem. In addition we will modify teesym0.inp to produce a right angle tee junction and check the pressure change against a simple calculation. We will also look at the effects of injecting liquid into a gas flow with the input file a-w-tee.inp.  Note that TRAC-B and older versions of RELAP5 will not do these problems correctly.  This is something you should check in any 1-D thermal-hydraulics code that you use.

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