Modeling Pumps

Assignment :

Read and understand Section 4.6 in the TRACE User's Guide, and Section 5.1 (p. 264) of the Theory Manual (Both available on the ANGEL site.)

We are going to move from approximations to the flow equations,  to approximations used to model physical components and physical processes. Today I'm going to introduce the numerical implementation of pump momentum source terms, and the concept of homologous curves used as the basis of the physical model. This prepares you for creating pump models with TRACE, TRAC, RELAP, RETRAN, and CATHARE.

This pump model, based on homologous curves,  is fairly standard within TRACE and the RELAP, TRAC, and RETRAN code families. It originated in the RELAP4 code series, which partially explains why liquid and vapor velocities are set equal at the pump momentum source junction. CATHARE permits this form and includes a mechanistic model, requiring detailed information about the internal pump geometry.

For a quick summary of the pump model take a look at this file.

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