Conduction and Heat Transfer

This homework is a direct result work in class.  Due to documentation problems and a bug in SNAP, it has been cut back for 2007. Provide me with the following:

  1. The largest power with which the Bennet deck can be run without seeing film boiling.
  2. A revised version of the bennet.inp input file, including signal variables and control blocks that calculate the difference between outlet and inlet stagnation enthalpy fluxes and calculate the percentage difference between the change in stagnation enthalpy flux and the power provided to the tube wall.  Also prove a .med file from saving your model editor results, and/or a jpeg image of your full set of signal variables and control blocks.
By now you've collected a bunch of material.  Submit it to the ANGEL dropbox in one of two ways:
  1. Embed the input file and analysis in an MS Word file with your writeup, and attach the .med or .jpg files separately to your ANGEL submission;
  2. Collect all files including a writeup referencing other files by name into a zip file.

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