Reactor Core Model

This homework is a direct result of work in class.  Give me a writeup with a clear description including all steps and equations of how you obtained:

  1. An estimate of rod pitch;
  2. The fraction of geometric area available for fluid flow parallel to the fuel rods, based on pitch;.
  3. Compare your calculated pitch to a typical rod pitch for PWR cores (obtained from a text book or FSAR) ;
  4. Use results from 1 or 3 to estimate the actual diameter of the region occupied by the core (all fuel rods);
  5. The core power predicted by power.exe to heat the liquid 50K;
  6. The temperature increase across the core predicted by TRACE when the above (5) power is used; and
  7. A plot of hot leg temperature vs. time to be certain that your calculation was close to steady state.

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