Checking Pressure Loss Results

This homework simply involves calculations checking results from the first class exercise.

First do a calculation using Bernoulli's Equation without a non-recoverable loss term.  Taking the downstream pressure as the value in our outlet pressure boundary condition, what is the calculated pressure at the inlet?   Since TRACE is attempting to account for a non-recoverable loss, you should expect a difference.

Now generate an independent check of the code results.  From a handbook, textbook, or web page, obtain a formula that will give you a value of the non-recoverable loss coefficient for the specific expansion modeled in our class exercise.  Again calculate a pressure at the pipe inlet, and compare to the pressure in first cell of our pipe component.

I recommend that you use MathCad or Mathematica to perform your calculations. Comment your calculations generously.  If you use MathCad,  print your MathCad worksheet to a PDF file, or copy and paste the worksheet into a Word document.

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