Homework Assignments for NucE 470

Unless, otherwise stated, homework  is due in the ANGEL Dropbox by 11:59PM on the listed date.

HW1:   Checking Pressure Loss Results, Due Friday August 31
HW2:   Two Phase Flow, Due Friday Sept. 7
HW3:   Finite Volume Methods, Due Thursday Sept 13
HW4:   Richardson Based Error Analysis, Due Wednesday Sept 19
HW5:    Error Analysis, Due Monday Sept 24
HW6:   Temperature transient and heated flow, Due Thursday Sept. 27  (last homework before the exam)
HW7:   PI Controller for Water Level, Due , Due Monday, Oct 15
HW8:   Pump Controller , Due , Due Monday, Oct 22
HW9:   Bennet Tube Experiment, Due Friday Oct 26
HW10:   Simple Core Heat Transfer Model, Due Thursday, Nov, 1
HW11:   Secant Method, Due Tuesday, Nov. 6

Basic Requirements for Homework Reports:

Your report on each homework and the final project must be internally complete.  That means that someone who sat in on class lectures, but never read the homework assignments could read your report and understand the problem that you were assigned, your method of solution, and your final results.  In addition to information specifically requested in each homework, conclude your report with a section titled "Observations".  In this section  as appropriate:

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