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Sustainability and related closed-loop supply chains represent broad and multifaceted challenges. To help find solutions, my work uses statistical, grounded optimization, systems modeling, life cycle analysis, and other techniques. My current research requires triangulation through multiple methods including field studies, case studies, field experiments, surveys, lab experiments, simulation, and MIP optimization.

This site contains samples of my various works, including past teaching, current research, my vita, and contact information.

Current Interests and Research

  • Multiple on-site academic-industry research projects with multinational B2B and B2C firms. Additionally, some of my research work has been presented at various conferences, including POMS, CLSC, and INFORMS.

  • Topics of the various academic-industry research projects include: OEM Remanufacturing Strategy (presented at POMS 2012 and CLSC 2009) - Consumer Perceptions of Remanufactured Consumer Products (presented at INFORMS 2010 and POMS 2010/2011) - Delayed Differentiation for Multiple Lifecycle Products (presented at INFORMS 2010/2009 and POMS 2011/2010 annual conferences) - Managing Sustainability (presentation at POMS 2009 annual conference) - OEM Remanufacturing Strategy, Closed-Loop Supply Chain Workshop 2009 - Simulation of MRP Systems Inventory and Backorder Performance under Differing Lead Times and Batch Sizes (presented at DSI 2008 annual conference)



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