Issue 1

Easy Gen Eds
by Marissa Hayat

As a senior at Penn State, I could definitely say I've learned a lot throughout the past few years and sometimes wish I could go back with some of the information I have now. However, since I cannot go back in time, the second best thing is to share some of my knowledge with younger students. One useful piece of information I could easily pass on is a list of some of the easiest general education classes at Penn State. These are classes you can't go wrong with and are sure to enjoy.

Arts (GA): INART115 POPULAR MUSIC: This is an online course that consists of short papers and quizzes. The papers are incredibly easy, with subjects such as "what musicians do you think should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?" The quizzes are really easy too; all you have to do is open the readings as a PDF and search for key terms. As long as you do the work for this class, there's no way you'll get lower than a B+.

Health and Physical Activity (GHA): KINES072 FITNESS WALKING: It's walking. You get great exercise and all you have to do is walk. No running, just walking.

Humanities (GH): HIST 021 AMER CIV FROM 1877: I took this class freshman year and it was one of the easiest classes ever. The course work consisted of watching a few movies (they were all interesting) and writing about the movie as it applied to the time period in which it was about. Other than the movie papers, there was just a midterm and a final, both of which were essay questions and covered very broad topics so you could write about anything.

Natural Science (GN): BI SC003 ENVIRONMENTAL SCI: I took this as a night class with Michael Dann and it was great! I'm not a science person at all, but this class was actually interesting and not difficult at all. The class focuses on a lot of current issues with the environment and you talk about things like global warming. There were no exams in this class, just short essays every week or two based on readings, and two debates during the semester. The great thing about the debates is that you're put in a team with a few other people and you have a couple of weeks to work on the argument you are assigned to debate. The debates are really low key; you just sit at desks across from each other and talk. You learn a lot and getting an A is pretty easy to do.

Quantification (GQ): MATH 021 COLLEGE ALGEBRA I: This class is very simple math. The content is pretty much everything you learned in high school, nothing more. As long as you go to class and do the homework, you'll do well.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (GS): PSY 213 DEVL PSYCHOLOGY: If this course is still taught by Keith Richards, take it. Most of the content is pretty dry but it's an easy A. Your whole grade consists of random pop quizzes at the end of class that are not many questions. Since it's a big lecture class, everyone usually shares answers with each other, and everyone usually gets an A.




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