Jeff D'Angelo

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State College, PA 16803-3343
(814) 883-2443
Email: jay cee dee at pee ess you dot ee dee you
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To pursue an accelerated career in advanced, large scale information technology as a UNIX systems and Web application analyst and programmer or manager.

Profile: Graduated with a thorough understanding of computer machinery, network technology, and software development. Used cooperative education and extracurricular activities to broaden experience and skills. Excelled in over a decade of applied information technology research, development and production service. A hard worker who enjoys both independent and collaborative challenges.

Education: Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering - Penn State University - Class of 2001 - GPA: 3.03/4.00

Experience: Penn State Information Technology Services -

Manager / Research Programmer
  Aug 08 - present

Systems Analyst / Programmer
  Dec 02 - Jul 08
Manager / Research Programmer. Manage a team of dedicated individuals who strive to deliver and improve large scale, enterprise wide computer system deployments that enable a wide range of users to accomplish an integral part of the University's mission.

Personal responsibilities have included: Provide various systems administration and applications development/management of core computer infrastructure services to the University. Highlights include DCE/DFS, MIT Kerberos, IBM Directory Server (LDAP), Microsoft Active Directory, GPFS enterprise authentication/authorization and file services, UNIX to Windows account service integration, central Web services and applications, search engine, various dynamic Web applications and other various computer services. Manage various projects such as research programming with the Apache Web server modules, CGI & PHP, LDAP, UNIX and Windows integration and enterprise middleware. Have evaluated various 3rd party applications for integration with central University authentication and authorization systems such as Google Apps for Education, and IBM Workplace. Provide services that support over 150,000 internal users and nearly 2 million low stakes users.

Work collaboratively in a team that also provides central directory services (was Ph now LDAP), news service, central backup service (Tivoli Systems Manager), database services (DB2), central E-Mail (Sendmail, Dovecot) and E-Mail applications (e.g. Webmail, Zimbra), central group calendar service (Oracle Calendar, Zimbra), PKI and certificate signing/authorization services, various Web services (such as the Portal, file management, group and access management, etc), the first University music service (Napster, later Ruckus), UNIX services for research (Solaris and AIX) and core network infrastructure (wired and wireless TCP/IP, DNS, NTP, VPN) for the University.

Details on personal responsibilities and location in the organization available via:
ZedX, Inc. -
Feb 02 - Nov 02
Systems Group. Member of a systems and network administration team responsible for the management of the core systems of a meteorological and ag-business centered data services company. Duties include the purchase and installation of computer systems, network configuration and management, systems security, development project consultation, infrastructure growth management, and special development projects. Services range from simple web hosting, to real-time streaming weather data processed by in-house developed forecast models. Server platform nearly exclusively Redhat GNU/Linux. Personally involved projects include design and consultation on Apache/MySQL applications, implementation of Cisco PIX and other firewalls, and development of streaming data process and visualization systems, among others. Data process system will be a hybrid of C, Fortran, and Perl components with a MySQL back-end and a web visualization interface. Team expert on system, network and database security; DNS; Apache; Sendmail and Postfix; and C, Perl and CGI programming.
Penn State Student Activity Web Server -

  Task of ITS position:
     Dec 02 - present
  Student Affairs IT wage payroll:
     May 02 - Nov 02
     Jan 98 - Apr 02
Coordinator. Rescued Penn State's Student Organization Webserver from termination after the founding club dissolved. Founded and coordinate the administrative team. Developed multi-platform (NT, AIX, Solaris, IRIX) shell/Perl hybrid administrative applications. Currently completing migration from NT/IIS to AIX/Apache. Includes installation of Perl, PHP, ASP handling, DB2 (SQL) connectivity, DCE (Kerberos V) authentication. Includes migration of existing CGI, and development of new. Primary support contact for over 1,500 users. Volunteered position for over 4 years.
Penn State Mathematics Department Systems Group -
Aug 98 - Sep 02
Special projects / Technical Webmaster. (Feb 02-Sep 02) Responsible for several development projects including a visitor information Perl-CGI/MS-Access application, an instructor/course evaluation statistics distribution system, and an email worm filter for sendmail. Webmaster duties include maintaining a seminar announcement system, managing server upgrades and security, and routine content maintenance.
Systems staff. (Aug 98-Feb 02) Provide systems administration and technical support for 500 users of Solaris and NT. Engage in teamwork and independent self-paced learning. Manage all aspects of Unix and network computing from installation to trouble-shooting of hardware, network, operating system, software, network services and security.
Remcom, Inc. -
Feb 01 - Mar 01
Network Security. Diagnosed and corrected breaches in multiple servers of varying platforms in real time. Patched and reinstalled operating systems and network services as necessary. Collaborated in new network firewall and user policies. Installed cryptographic software on multiple systems including AIX, FreeBSD, and Linux.
MAX Control Systems, Inc. -
Cooperative Education Assignment
May 99 - Dec 99
Systems Engineer. Tested and compiled code for MAX1000++ family of Distributed Processing Units, dual processing embedded systems. Developed test applications for network PC platform. Launched a corporate news server (NNTP) and highly secure remote file server.
Enterprise Networks, Inc.
April 98 - August 98
Network Engineer. Designed and implemented a model commercial network for a digital microwave Internet service provider. Utilized Redhat Linux as primary network- service platform. Integrated Cisco and 3com routers and switching hubs. Consulted on real network implementation.
Penn State Center for Academic Computing - (now reorganized into new units of ITS)
Aug 96 - Jan 00
Lab Rover. First line of lab maintenance for several PC labs simultaneously. Serviced Windows NT 3.51/4.0, Macintosh Appleshare servers and workstations, HP laserjet printers, Macintosh print spoolers. Also served as an auxiliary consultant in particular with hardware.

Skills: Up to 16 years of in-depth experience of Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, OpenBSD/FreeBSD, DCE/DFS, MIT Kerberos, LDAP (IBM and OpenLDAP), GPFS, yp(NIS)/NFS, DNS, Sendmail/Postfix (SMTP), Apache/MS-IIS (HTTP) and CGI/PHP programming, NNTP, C/C++, Unix shells, Perl, Ethernet & TCP/IP networking, and Cisco & 3com routers/firewalls/switching hubs. Also familiar with Java, SML, Prolog, GTK, Tcl/Tk, Visual Studio/MFC, Visual Basic, VHDL/Verilog, Motorola 68k and Intel Architecture (IA) Assembly, and MySQL/PostgreSQL/DB2/Oracle/SQLite database programming. Most proficient in C, Perl, PHP, bourne and c shell programming. Able to present to a crowd, engage leaders with different perspectives, take criticism, share credit, take blame, mitigate conflict and occasionally show humility.

Honors / Awards: Dean's list Fall 96

  • A founding member and mailing list manager of Penn State's Linux Users Group.
  • Staff advisor of Penn State Silver Circle.
  • Founder of Happy Valley Golden Wheel.
  • Steering committee member and webmaster of Transition Town State College.
  • Bassist and keyboardist for classic rock band Dirty Agnes.
  • Djembe and Djun Djun player in Drums of West Africa.

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